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In 2010, a team of scientists and engineers, the Eco Convergence Group Inc., envisioned and developed a green city of the future in central Florida. Looking into ways to drive sustainability forward in an urban context, they identified vertical farming as one of the key technologies.

In 2018, this effort culminated in the first vertical farm in the hospitality industry, the HyCube™ at the Orlando World Center Marriott® – and just one year later, the first larger farm under our new name “Kalera” opened also in Orlando.

Once pioneers, we consider ourselves now as the spearhead of the third wave of farming: In March 2020, we opened a second, larger-scale farm in Atlanta, Georgia. 2021 saw the opening of Houston, Texas with very positive reactions by local communities.

Via our merger with &ever in 2021, we now also operate farms in Germany and Kuwait and have a a mega-farm opening in Singapore in 2022. The first global network of vertical farms in the industry.

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15, Boulevard Roosevelt, 2450 Luxembourg – Luxembourg

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May 27, 2022

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Luxembourg Stock Exchange

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