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The K2 Group provides comprehensive solutions in the areas of software engineering, as well as digital transformation and digital marketing services based on advanced analytics.

K2 combines talents and builds multidisciplinary teams. We work with graduates of technical and business schools, psychologists, sociologists, marketing and data analytics specialists, as well as people who graduated from fine arts academies. All this to face the most difficult challenges posed by our clients. Thanks to such a team and experience built over the years, we are able to create unique projects and deliver the highest quality and value to our clients, also in demanding hybrid operating conditions.

The Group implements projects and services for the largest Polish and global brands such as PEPSI, Netflix, Samsung, UPC, Brown-Forman, all LPP brands, IKEA, Displate, Resibo, KROSS.

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Domaniewska 44A, 02-672 Warszawa – Poland

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June 1, 2008

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Warsaw Stock Exchange

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