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Positioned on high value-added niche markets, JACQUET METALS is a European leader in the made-to-measure transformation and distribution of specialty steels, and operates via a portfolio of divisions.

Each of the Group’s brands makes the most of its experience and mastery of a product line for which it is a major player on its market:

JACQUET: stainless-steel Quarto plates and nickel alloys
STAPPERT: long stainless-steel products
IMS group: carbon, alloy and stainless-steel engineering steels and tool steels

With 105 distribution facilities and 3,000 staff, the JACQUET METALS Group’s companies supply all industrial sectors: food, energy, chemical and petrochemical, paper, mines and quarries, public works, steel, naval construction, agricultural equipment, general mechanics, recycling, desalination of seawater for farming, wastewater processing, etc.

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7 Rue Michel Jacquet, 69802 Saint-Priest Cedex – France

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June 11, 1987

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Euronext Paris



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