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ISIN: PLIZCJR00017 | Ticker: IZO | LEI: 2594008D7F89IDUFYB63
Sector: IndustrialsSub-Industry: Building Products
Country: Poland

About Izolacja-Jarocin S.A.

Company Description

The history of IZOLACJA began in 1925, when the private company Fabryka Papy Dachowej, Tar Distillation and Cement Products of Władysław Lewandowski started operating as the first industrial plant in Jarocin. With the employment of 15 people, about 1000 m² of roofing felt was produced per day.

Currently, the Company has one of the widest in the country, a comprehensive range of waterproofing and sealing products for the construction industry, which includes:

- modern heat-weldable roofing felt - modified with SBS elastomers and oxidized,
- traditional asphalt felts on cardboard,
- bitumen membranes for pitched roofs,
- dispersion asphalt masses and masses based on organic solvents,
- thick-layer putty masses,
- permanently plastic asphalt-rubber construction putties,
- sandwich panels for thermal insulation of roofs.

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Poznańska 24-26, 63-200 Jarocin – Poland

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