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ISIN: FR0014003FN0 | Ticker: MLVIE | LEI: 969500DWAEWYP7GOWU54
Country: France

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INTEGRITAS VIAGER was founded in December 2020, by an entrepreneur with more than thirty years of expertise in the world of real estate. Today, the company specializes in the field of life annuity.

The life annuity still not very widespread in France, has many advantages.

On the one hand you give meaning to your savings by buying the home of an elderly person who wishes to continue living at home and who will be able to afford an easier end of life, and on the other hand you buy his property with a discount, which will allow you to achieve a higher capital gain on resale.

The objective of the Company is to improve the purchasing power of French retirees and to encourage them to stay at home.

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8 Avenue Mac Mahon, 75017 Paris – France

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