About Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC

Company Description

IHB is a public company that manages an investment portfolio of participation in various industries. IHB is among the largest industrial holdings in Bulgaria.

IHB strives to achieve a controlling interest of over 51%, which allows them to define the development and management strategies in the companies in which they invest. As part of partnerships with other investors, IHB also invests in projects in which it can exercise control.

IHB follows a policy of continuous optimization of its investment portfolio. Its main investments are in maritime transport, ship repair, port activity and machine building. IHB was one of the first public companies in Bulgaria and one of the first companies whose shares are registered for trading on the official market of the BSE-Sofia in the newest history of the capital market in Bulgaria. Its shares have been traded since August 1998 and are still one of the most liquid positions to date.

Year founded


Served area



37A Fritiof Nansen Str., 1142 Sofia – Bulgaria

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Aug. 17, 1998

Stock exchange(s)

Bulgarian Stock Exchange



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