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Ina Invest is a Swiss real estate company that originated as a spin-off from Implenia and has been independent since its IPO in June 2020. People are at the center of everything we do, and we are committed to the mission of creating sustainable, high-quality living, working and living space that is focused on the needs of current and future generations.

We will build a high-quality existing portfolio from the real estate projects transferred from Implenia, as well as continuing to make acquisitions in order to maintain an above-average development rate and grow further. The properties throughout Switzerland are of high location quality and have a differentiated mix of uses with a focus on residential. Through our transparent cooperation with Impleniaprofit from the expertise of the leading Swiss construction services provider.

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Binzmühlestrasse 11, 8050 Zürich – Switzerland

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June 12, 2000

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SIX Swiss Exchange



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