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ISIN: PLINTMS00019 | Ticker: IMS | LEI: 259400L6ZDR1Y1GP0L14

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IMS S.A. – we are a leader of specialised sensory marketing services in Poland, quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

We operate in the media and modern technology segment where we use methods that help effectively create and build a positive atmosphere at a point of sale.

IMS S.A.’s structure comprises departments that provide various type of knowledge and products: IMS sensory (sensory marketing services: in-store music, scent marketing, Digital Signage), IMS media (advertising), and IMS r&d (product technology and development) and IMS events (advertising and special actions).

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Kowalska 8-9/7, 82-300 Elbląg – Poland

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Jan. 1, 2012

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Warsaw Stock Exchange

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