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Like a "dating" website, HITECHPROS allows the connection of the 5 actors of the IT world:

- Digital Services Companies (ESN, SSII)
- Information Systems Departments (DSI)
- Independent computer specialists
- Training centers
- Software publishers

Founded in 2001, HITECHPROS offers a range of tools and services to bring together supply and demand. Today, via our platform www.hitechpros.com, it is possible to put online needs and/or to propose know-how in order to benefit from the huge pool of HITECHPROS skills which includes 2200 ESN, 5350 DSI, 4500 independent IT specialists, 2150 training centers and 350 software publishers.

Thanks to our strike force and a special algorithm, we have developed a HITECHPROS barometer that allows us to know the trend of the IT market in terms of offers and demands. This has earned us the nickname of The IT Services Exchange.
With 20 million euros in revenue in 2017, HITECHPROS counts 75% of French ESNs among its members.

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15/17 Boulevard du Général de Gaulle, 92120 Montrouge – France

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Nov. 22, 2006

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Euronext Paris



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