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As a dynamic, high-impact, and traditional Swiss milling group, Groupe Minoteries SA (GMSA) processes, refines, and markets cereals and food raw materials for industrial and commercial partners and offers various services.

Whether flours and meals, healthy flake and muesli blends from organic farming, customized breading flours and breadings - every day, people all over Switzerland benefit from our high-quality, innovative products.

As the only listed - and therefore in every respect transparent - flour milling company, GMSA employs 186.3 people (full-time equivalents) throughout Switzerland. The administrative and legal headquarters of GMSA are located in Granges-près-Marnand, in the municipality of Valbroye (VD). Production takes place at five sites: Granges-près-Marnand (VD), Goldach (SG), Stein am Rhein (SH), Zollbrück (BE) and Naters (VS). The raw materials processed come mainly (approx. 90%) from Switzerland.

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31, Route des Moulins, 1523 Granges-près-Marnand – Switzerland

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Oct. 15, 2001

Stock exchange(s)

SIX Swiss Exchange



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