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We are​ Glintt, a well-know company in the Iberian Peninsula in Consulting and Technological Services, with over 20 years of experience. Through innovation, we aim to help transform organizations and improve people's lives.

We are Iberian leaders in the Healthcare market, where we develop, implement and support a diversified set of products for Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies. Our solutions are used in more than 430 Hospitals, 600 Clinics and 14.000 Pharmacies in Portugal and ​Spain.

For the Community Pharmacy segment we have also developed a full range of services, which includes Consulting, Design and Projection of Store Space, Automation, Infrastructure and Consumables.

Another pillar of activity is Technology Consulting, through our Nexllence​​ brand, we promote the adoption and the development of solutions based on emerging technologies and infrastructures for public administratio​n and organizations from various activity sectors.​​​

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Oct. 31, 2003

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Euronext Lissabon



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