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ISIN: FR0011799907 | Ticker: GV | LEI: 969500UXJNBY1C8Y8471
Sector: Health CareSub-Industry: Biotechnology
Country: France

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GENOMIC VISION develops novel diagnostic and drug discovery solutions based on its world-leading nanotechnology for DNA analysis in the areas of cancer and acute diseases. These diagnostic tests and drug discovery tools operate where genome dynamics and human disease intersect. GENOMIC VISION uses a powerful technique, Molecular Combing Technology, for the direct visualization of single DNA molecules to detect quantitative and qualitative changes in the genome landscape and establish their contribution to pathology.

GENOMIC VISION initial focus is towards early cancer detection and drug therapy monitoring. The company possesses an unrivalled capability for discovering genomic biomarkers implicated in the predisposition and development of many forms of cancer and in following and analyzing DNA replication during cell division. This provides a unique approach for evaluating the efficacy of new drugs on the cell cycle.

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Green Square, Batiment E 80/84 Rue des Meuniers, 92220 Bagneux – France

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