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Freelance.com supports large organisations in their global transformation (work transformation, digital transformation, environmental transformation) by connecting them with the best experts working as freelancers or in hyper-specialised digital SMEs.

We want to break down the boundaries between internal and external talent.
Our mission is to initiate, facilitate, simplify and secure the relationship between companies and their external talent.
Our ambition is to give all talents the power to be change makers: to have the maximum impact in the structures where they choose to invest.

With a proforma turnover of 376.3 M€ in 2020, a presence in France and abroad (Switzerland, Germany, England, Morocco, Singapore) and a community of more than 370,000 consultants and experts, Freelance.com is the leading player in Europe in freelancing and company-external talent intermediation.

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Paroi Nord de la Grande Arche 1 Parvis de la Défense, 92044 Paris-la-Défense Cedex – France

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July 14, 2005

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Euronext Paris



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