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Company Description

FOURLIS Group is one of the leading group of companies in Greece and the Balkans in providing quality consumer durable goods. The commercial activity is expanding in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. FOURLIS Group is the successor of FOURLIS BROS S.A., a company founded by Anastasios, Stylianos, John and Elias Fourlis. During the last 70 years, the Group is dedicated in investing to its employees and to the quality of the workplace and the innovative infrastructure along with the functional relationships with suppliers. By these means, it manages to achieve high levels of productivity and to maximize customers’ satisfaction.

FOURLIS Group is active in three divisions:

- Retail Home Furnishings (ΙΚΕΑ stores)
- Retail Sporting Goods (INTERSPORT - THE ATHLETE'S FOOT stores)
- Real Estate Investments

Year founded


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April 21, 1988

Stock exchange(s)

Athens Stock Exchange



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