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ISIN: FR0013230067 | Ticker: MLFNP | LEI: 969500PRD9XHKRJMX820
Country: France

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FNP Technologies develops services and ecosystems aimed at stimulating the local economy by offering technological solutions to local merchants, hoteliers and restaurateurs in order to increase their sales and their digital visibility. FNP Technologies offers a wide range of services based on three solutions:

MAT: the most competitive "PMS All Inclusive" hotel management software, 100% cloud-based and secure, developed to meet all the needs of hotel and restaurant professionals, while optimising their revenues and the management of their daily operations.

FlipNpik: a new collaborative ecosystem based on new technologies and developed to boost the visibility and sales of local merchants while rewarding the user for his contribution and for his active participation in the promotion of local purchasing through the creation and sharing of digital content within the ecosystem. FlipNpik has been labelled by the global competitiveness cluster FINANCE INNOVATION.

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930 Route des Dolines, 6560 Valbonne – France

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