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ISIN: GRS438003006 | Ticker: KEPEN | LEI: 213800MGJQJV1QBFHO64
Country: Greece

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The seed was sown in 1952. From this seed grew the company KEPENOS MILLS S.A., on Greek land in need of visions, creation, new directions, stability and collective action. The sowing appears to have been successful. The roots took root in the soil. The fruit came quickly. Kepenos Mills experienced success and acknowledgement, which allowed it to achieve and maintain an upward trajectory. Today, it can boast a prominent position among the leaders of the Greek flour industry.

Our Company combines harmonically the traditional production methods, the long industrial experience, the investment in high technology and the fully trained staff, and constantly creates products of exceptional quality that meet perfectly the increasing and continuously changing market demands. At all stages of production the primary objective is to create and maintain high quality goods which can ensure the best result for our clients.

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BI.PE Patron O.T. 1, 25018 Patra – Greece

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