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The Fervi Group, composed of Fervi and its subsidiaries Rivit S.r.l., Ri-flex Abrasives S.r.l. and Vogel-Germany GmbH &Co. is active in the supply of professional equipment mainly for the mechanical workshop, the car workshop, the joinery, the shipyard and the products included in the so-called Β«MROΒ» market (Maintenance, Repair and Operations), ie supply of equipment for maintenance and repair professionals. The Group's operations also cover the "Do it yourself" market segment, or DIY, that is to say the market for do-it-yourself products in the household and DIY sector, aimed at hobbyists and in general subjects who use Fervi tools for non-professional purposes.


Via del Commercio 81, 41058 Emilia-Romagna – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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