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Founded in March 2022, eureKING is a French SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) formed with the aim of acquiring European companies in the field of biomanufacturing, with the ambition of creating a leading bio-CDMO in Europe capable of meeting the growing outsourcing needs of this industry.

eureKING has chosen to focus on three highly specialized and strategic segments of the biopharmaceutical industry: the production of biologics, in particular new generations of monoclonal antibodies or complex proteins, the production of cell and gene therapies and the production of live biotherapeutics (with applications in the microbiome).

Led by an international management team of experienced healthcare industry talent, 100% dedicated to the eureKING project and its development strategy and supported by a Board of Directors with complementary skills in the pharmaceutical and financial fields, eureKING aims at developing and promoting the promising biomanufacturing sector in Europe.

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128 Rue de la BoΓ©tie, 75008 Paris – France

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May 12, 2022

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