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ERWE Immobilien AG concentrates on the development and sustainable expansion of a portfolio of profitable inner-city properties in prime locations of small and medium-sized towns. The company specializes in the revitalization of properties in which mixed-use concepts for new user groups are developed and implemented through appropriate structural adjustments and modernization. These include office and hotel uses as well as residential properties and inner-city retail.

ERWE generally develops the acquired properties for itself. In addition, ERWE also makes its expertise available to third parties and in 2020 launched a new business segment specifically for this purpose with the newly founded ERWE Invest GmbH.

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Herriotstraße 1, 60528 Frankfurt am Main – Germany

Filings & Publications

Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
30.08.22 VGHL Management GmbH Close relation Sell 3,468,374.00 €
30.08.22 Stapelfeld Beteiligungs GmbH Close relation Buy 3,468,374.00 €
30.08.22 AKD Private Equity GmbH Close relation Buy 184,883.62 €
18.02.22 Henkel, Dr. Holger Supervisory board Buy 14,078.16 €
18.02.22 Henkel, Dr. Holger Supervisory board Buy 1,098.30 €
16.02.22 Realsoul Holding S.A. Close relation Buy 150.96 €
16.02.22 Schmitt, Martin Board Buy 5,084.10 €
22.07.21 RW Property Investment GmbH Close relation Other 0.00 €
22.07.21 VGHL Management GmbH Close relation Other 478,971.90 €
22.07.21 Stapelfeld Beteiligungs GmbH Close relation Other 1,468,849.80 €

Shareholder information

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June 15, 2007

Stock exchange(s)

Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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