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In 1985, three young men developed one of the first electronic automation calculators. One of the most innovative applications involved the world of hydrogen. When no one was talking about sustainability, these three boys understood the importance of renewable energy and the great prospects of this business. Another boy joined them-and together they designed a new technology to produce energy with hydrogen.

ErreDue supports industrial customers and laboratories who intend to solve their gas supply problems, providing them with a complete range of products for on-site gas generation and purification, capable of satisfying every need, from the smallest laboratory to the largest industry .

H2 Generators, N2 Generators O2 Generators, Argon, Pure Air, CO2, Gas Treatment Systems: ErreDue brings great know-how and strong cross-sectional skills to provide the best solution starting from a deep understanding and analysis of the customer's specific need.

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Via G. Gozzano, 3, 57121 Livorno – Italy

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Dec. 2, 2022

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Borsa Italiana



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