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Energy S.p.A. is preparing for the next challenges in the field of storage from renewable sources with a process of implementation of top of the range products, with the aim of being present in all market segments. Energy's strategy will be based on the relationship with specialised distributors, with a view to a mutual exchange of products and services.

Leveraging its collaboration with distributors, in fact, the company has expanded its range of storage systems to serve a complete customer base, from residential to small business to the tertiary and industrial sectors, and large installations with hybrid and string inverters to cover storage capacities from 2.4 kWh up to serving MW of storage.

All of our products are CEI021 and CEI016 certified, equipped with monitoring, the possibility to participate in smartgrid networks, an EPS function to guarantee operation in the absence of the electricity grid, and direct Italian service.

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Piazza Manifattura 1, 38068 Rovereto – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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