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E-Star Plc. is a leading participant in the district heat generation and supply sector in Hungary, and since 2010 it is also an important player in the Romanian market. The scale of its projects is increasing steadily, and by 2011, the Company had the capacity to undertake the modernisation and long-term operation of district heating systems in towns with populations of over 10,000.

Management uses a number of financing sources to manage the Company`s rapidly growing funding needs related to its entry into international markets and to its dynamic pace of expansion.

E-Star Alternative Plc. (formerly RFV Plc) is an alternative energy company specialising in the implementation of self-financed, technology-independent and supplier-independent complex energy efficiency-improvement projects, based on the optimal combination of fossil and renewable energy sources.

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Pünkösdfürdő utca 52. 4. em. 413, 1039 Budapest – Hungary

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May 29, 2007

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Budapest Stock Exchange



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