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Ecosuntek was founded in 2008 as a provider of EPC services for the photovoltaic market and today is known nationally and internationally not only for its economic contribution but above all for its social and sustainable contribution.

From the beginning, Ecosuntek's policy has been based on young people and the environment , two fundamental elements that can also be identified in the work of the company, which is strongly committed to local and non-local projects such as " Gubbio Accessible City "or" the rule of three Rs: recycle, reuse, respect ", carried out in primary and secondary schools adjacent to the company, in order to educate even the youngest children to respect the environment and environmental sustainability.

Another fundamental point that distinguishes Ecosuntek Spa is the freshness of its team and ideas. The company is made up of young people (the average age is thirty) who are able to share the idea of economic and social development based on renewable energies.

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May 6, 2014

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Borsa Italiana



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