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E-novia S.p.A. operates as a venture capital firm. The Company focuses on transforming intellectual property into enterprises and products, which bring to the market by generating tangible industrial assets.

An ecosystem for innovation that has given life to a deep tech industrial Group with highly innovative products rooted in Italian technical-scientific and manufacturing excellence.

We shape the technologies for the sustainable mobility of the future through a modern deep tech Industrial Group. With products launched on global markets, we operate in the most innovative areas of vehicular and collaborative robotics.

The growth potential of a company that benefits from deep tech innovation is 10% higher than the average of a company that operates with β€œnon-deep” technologies. Thanks to our polytechnic talents, we offer technological strategy services to both Group enterprises and client companies.

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Via San Martino 12,, 20122 Milano – Italy

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Dec. 12, 2022

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Borsa Italiana



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