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ISIN: GRS392193009 | Ticker: DUR
Country: Greece

About Duros S.A.

Company Description

DUR S.A. is a Greek menswear company with a strong market presence dating back to over half a century. Based in Patras, the company has a wide network of 30 retail shops all over Greece under the DUR label, including shop-in-shop, while being supported by a strong business-to-business network.

DUR creates male fashion, synonymous to that of our contemporary way of life, bearing in mind the best possible quality/price relation. Its signature products being its shirts and polo shirts, DUR clothes are easily distinguished by their elegant, minimalist and comfortable lines, ideally balancing between the mystique of modern-day life and the timelessness of the classic, bringing out the uniqueness in every man.

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Maragkopoulou Str. 80, 26331 Patra – Greece

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