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DGB is the world’s first publicly traded purpose company focused on carbon offsetting and conservation through nature-based solutions. We are a project developer of high-quality, large-scale carbon and biodiversity projects accredited by third parties. Focus areas:

1. Nature-based Projects
Nature-based solutions are the management and use of nature for tackling social and environmental challenges. We originate carbon credits to help companies achieve net zero

2. Carbon Offsetting
While global companies seek to reduce their carbon footprint due to the imposed carbon taxes, one of the most important assets is the purchase of carbon offsets.

3. Biodiversity Offsets
Today, biodiversity offsets verified biodiversity protection, and ecosystem services constitute a significant potential for businesses and communities.

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Westplein 12, 3016 Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland – Netherlands

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Euronext Amsterdam



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