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DBV Technologies is developing Viaskin™, an investigational proprietary technology platform with broad potential clinical applications. Viaskin is based on epicutaneous immunotherapy, or EPIT™, a method of delivering biologically active compounds to the immune system through intact skin. With this new class of patch-based, non-invasive product candidates, the Company is dedicated to safely transforming the care of food-allergic patients. DBV’s food allergy programs include ongoing clinical trials of Viaskin™ Peanut in children. In addition to food allergies, Viaskin technology is also being investigated as a treatment option for other immunological disorders. Additional applications for Viaskin, such as use as a diagnostic tool for non-IgE-mediated milk allergy or as a non-invasive method for delivering vaccines against certain diseases, are also being investigated. DBV Technologies has global headquarters in Montrouge, France, and North American operations in Summit, NJ.

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177-181 Avenue Pierre Brossolette, 92120 Montrouge – France

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March 29, 2012

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Euronext Paris



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