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ISIN: PTCPA0AP0006 | Ticker: CPA | LEI: 635400FMV7DDT9Q37O79
Country: Portugal

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COPAM – Companhia Portuguesa de Amidos, S.A., is the only Portuguese company in the starch industry.

Created on 21 July, 1937, COPAM is the leader company in Portugal in production and sale of starch products for industries such as food, pharmaceutical, paper, corrugated card and chemistry in general.

COPAM is based in S. João da Talha, Loures county, about 15km from Lisbon.

COPAM produce and sell starch products, usingcorn as primal raw material.

The technological processes used by COPAM in every production lines are internationally adopted in similar industries. The factory works on a continuous basis (24h/day, 7 days/week).

In the production process, all components from the corn seed are efficiently separate and transformed into final products full use of raw material with zero waste.

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