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A holding company listed on the first market of the Italian Stock Exchange, historically active in Italy as a forerunner in the financial activities of cessione del quinto through its investee Prestitรฒ. A Company strong in market experience related to the deep knowledge of the Italian credit market that has ensured it a primary role in the past and equally preeminent today through ISCC Fintech, a subsidiary company active in the world of NPLs and credit recovery in all its phases. The Group controls, through its investee ISCC Fintech, the company between lawyers LAWYERS, a law firm that boasts more than 40 partners in the Italian full-service law firm scene.

The leadership and foresight demonstrated in the area of investment first in financing activities through cessione del quinto and today in the debt collection market still manifests the great ability to interpret the role of independent investor on the Italian system.

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Via Aldo Barbaro, 15, 10143 Torino โ€“ Italy

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April 12, 2007

Stock exchange(s)

Borsa Italiana



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