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ISIN: TRACEMTS91G6 | Ticker: CEMTS | LEI: 789000MEX4RV9XWB0A97

About Cemtas Celik Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret AS

Company Description

ÇEMTAŞ, a publicly-held joint-stock company established on 27.01.1970 with the participation of industrialists, businessmen, small craftsmen and public entrepreneurs from Bursa on 27.01.1970 to operate on a land of 101 acres in Bursa, Organized industrial area; "Furnace Skilled Steel Producer" in Turkey and produces steel according to TS, DIN, AISI, SAE norms and special orders.

The management, which seeks to catch up with the modern technology at ÇEMTAŞ, took over the modernization of Steel production line when it came to 1988.

• 30 Tons of cast iron
• 30-ton pot furnace
• 30 ton vacuum unit
• Automatic alloy addition system
• Carbon injection unit
• Wire injection unit and
• Dust holding unit

Year founded


Served area



Organize Sanayi Bölgesi A.O.S. Bulvarı, No:3, 16140 Bursa – Türkiye

Filings & Publications

Shareholder information

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Dec. 30, 1994

Stock exchange(s)

Borsa Istanbul



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