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ISIN: FR0010193979 | Ticker: CBOT | LEI: 969500G118PJ7KZ4HQ90
Country: France

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CBo Territoria is a diversified real estate player located in Reunion Island, a French overseas department. In its 15 years of existence, our Group, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, has become the major player in both residential and commercial real estate, in Reunion Island and Mayotte.

CBo Territoria owns a large reserve of more than 3,000 hectares in Reunion Island, a territory with scarce property resources. On nearly 200 hectares, we are developing an exceptionally diversified real estate offer - both residential and commercial - which meets the demand of growing markets.

This unique advantage allows us to balance the effects of cycles, and to present a full offer, without direct competition. It plays a key role in our differentiation.

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France + Reunion Island




Cour de l'Usine - La Mare, 97438 Sainte-Marie, La Réunion – France

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Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
15.04.24 None Other Other EUR 226,200.00
15.04.24 None Other Other EUR 94,250.00
15.04.24 None Other Other EUR 0.00
04.01.24 None Other Other EUR 226,200.00
10.08.23 None Other Sell EUR 911,200.00
03.05.23 None Other Buy EUR 18,954.24
02.05.23 None Other Buy EUR 15,015.00
24.04.23 None Other Buy EUR 46,080.00

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