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ISIN: PLCPTLP00015 | Ticker: CPA | LEI: 25940024059KXONNTA83
Country: Poland

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We are an independent company that helps businesses achieve organisational and financial success by actively participating in the identification and effective implementation of business objectives. We specialise in the provision of strategic and transaction consulting services, focussing primarily on small- and medium-sized enterprises. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, so we completely understand the needs of our Customers.

If you are thinking about increasing the scale of your enterprise and wondering how to obtain funds, we will analyse your project, develop an optimal plan and provide some suggestions for further action.

If are you thinking about selling your company, we will provide reasonable arguments for and against, help you to identify potential investors and lead you through the whole process.

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Marszałkowska 126/134, 00-008 Warszawa – Poland

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