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In 1899, the ‘Antwerp Chemical Works’ was established in Beerse. In 1912, the site became home to the ‘Compagnie Métallurgique de la Campine’, which specialised in recycling raw materials, especially copper, bronze, silver, zinc, lead and antimony. After the First World War, the factory on the canal’s east bank (now Metallo) was sold to finance the reconstruction of the factory on the west bank (now Campine). From 1924 onwards, the new factory emerged as an important processor of lead and antimony.

Campine has developed into an internationally respected partner for sustainable recycling of raw materials and one of the largest antimony trioxide producers in the world. Our specific expertise in both fields and our deliberate choice in favour of the circular economy have attracted customers both in Belgium and abroad. We have been exporting our products and expertise all over the world for decades.

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Jan. 1, 1936

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Euronext Brussels



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