About Čakovečki mlinovi d.d.

Company Description

Čakovečki mlinovi dd is one of the leading Croatian food companies operating since 1893 and the main activities are grinding, baking and pumpkin oil production.
The strategic orientation of the entire company is the highest product quality and ongoing investments in the most modern technologies in the food industry.

The ČAKOVEČKI MLINOVI brand has been achieving significant successes on domestic and foreign markets for years, because customers recognize the top quality of our products.

The secret of success lies in first-class raw materials, the knowledge and experience of our employees and the love we put into creating products that exceed our customers' expectations.

Annually we process 50,000 tons of wheat and 10,000 tons of corn, and flour distribution is adjusted to three main channels - retail, bakery and confectionery industry.

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June 16, 1997

Stock exchange(s)

Zagreb Stock Exchange



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