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ISIN: IT0003217335 | Ticker: BO | LEI: 8156008D2857B5A0B033
Country: Italy

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BORGOSESIA SPA is a joint-stock company listed on Euronext Milan (EXM) the leading Equity Market of the Italian Stock Exchange, active in the field of investments in alternative assets as well as in their management on behalf of third-party investors. In this context, the main asset class - leveraging on a mix of financial, professional and real estate expertise within the Group - is represented by real estate with a focus on the purchase of properties to be completed or revitalized mainly for residential use - located in large urban and tourist centres – the purchase mostly preceded by that of non-performing loans secured by a mortgage registered on them.The mission of Borgosesia is therefore to create value for large and small investors, seizing the opportunities offered by investments - which have limited risk but high potential - in corporate crisis situations or ones which need new impetus.

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Viale Luigi Majno 10, 20129 Milano – Italy

Financial statements

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Line item in (eur) 01.01.2020 01.01.2021 01.01.2022
Assets N/A 126,535,000.00 151,091,000.00
Investment Accounted For Using Equity Method N/A 13,000.00 586,000.00
Deferred Tax Assets N/A 1,993,000.00 3,734,000.00
Noncurrent Financial Assets At Fair Value Through Profit Or Loss N/A 6,302,000.00 15,141,000.00
Inventories N/A 38,705,000.00 21,840,000.00
Property Intended For Sale In Ordinary Course Of Business N/A 37,946,000.00 74,549,000.00
Trade And Other Current Receivables N/A 8,221,000.00 6,342,000.00
Current Loans And Receivables N/A 17,093,000.00 16,348,000.00
Cash and cash equivalents 6,692,000.00 12,234,000.00 7,666,000.00
Equity And Liabilities N/A 126,535,000.00 151,091,000.00
Equity 36,632,000.00 53,202,000.00 62,982,000.00
Issued Capital N/A 9,896,000.00 9,896,000.00
Retained Earnings Profit Loss For Reporting Period N/A 7,080,000.00 7,009,000.00
Retained Earnings Excluding Profit Loss For Reporting Period N/A 554,000.00 7,345,000.00
Other Reserves N/A 22,623,000.00 25,802,000.00
Equity Attributable To Owners Of Parent N/A 40,153,000.00 50,052,000.00
Noncontrolling Interests N/A 13,049,000.00 12,930,000.00
Liabilities N/A 73,332,000.00 88,108,000.00
Other Noncurrent Financial Liabilities N/A 2,282,000.00 4,905,000.00
Noncurrent Portion Of Noncurrent Bonds Issued N/A 38,211,000.00 38,628,000.00
Trade And Other Current Payables N/A 12,106,000.00 20,048,000.00
Line item in (eur) 01.01.2020/
Revenue From Rendering Of Services 791,000.00 20,000.00
Changes In Inventories Of Finished Goods And Work In Progress 346,000.00 11,042,000.00
Cost Of Merchandise Sold 6,620,000.00 8,280,000.00
Services Expense 1,954,000.00 2,612,000.00
Employee Benefits Expense 524,000.00 805,000.00
Depreciation Amortisation And Impairment Loss Reversal Of Impairment Loss Recognised In Profit Or Loss 340,000.00 554,000.00
Other Expense By Nature 575,000.00 74,000.00
Profit Loss From Operating Activities 11,319,000.00 11,562,000.00
Finance Income 252,000.00 241,000.00
Finance Costs 3,516,000.00 4,615,000.00
Impairment Loss Impairment Gain And Reversal Of Impairment Loss Determined In Accordance With I F R S9 -1,910,000.00 634,000.00
Profit Loss Before Tax 8,095,000.00 7,268,000.00
Income Tax Expense Continuing Operations 227,000.00 -889,000.00
Profit (loss) 7,868,000.00 8,157,000.00
Profit Loss Attributable To Owners Of Parent 7,080,000.00 7,009,000.00
Profit Loss Attributable To Noncontrolling Interests 788,000.00 1,147,000.00
Line item in (eur) 01.01.2020 01.01.2021 01.01.2022
Profit (loss) N/A 7,868,000.00 8,157,000.00
Adjustments For Income Tax Expense N/A -1,196,000.00 -1,742,000.00
Other Adjustments For Noncash Items N/A -664,000.00 -358,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Operating Activities N/A -6,914,000.00 16,478,000.00
Purchase Of Property Plant And Equipment Classified As Investing Activities N/A 70,000.00 240,000.00
Purchase Of Intangible Assets Classified As Investing Activities N/A 25,000.00 -7,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Investing Activities N/A -13,429,000.00 -28,081,000.00
Proceeds From Borrowings Classified As Financing Activities N/A 1,000,000.00 15,354,000.00
Dividends Paid Classified As Financing Activities N/A 814,000.00 1,043,000.00
Other Inflows Outflows Of Cash Classified As Financing Activities N/A 9,574,000.00 3,348,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Financing Activities N/A 25,885,000.00 7,035,000.00
Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents after effect of exchange rate changes N/A 5,542,000.00 -4,568,000.00
Cash and cash equivalents 6,692,000.00 12,234,000.00 7,666,000.00

Please note that some sums might not add up.

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