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ISIN: GB0006436108 | Ticker: BRSC | LEI: 549300MS535KC2WH4082
Country: United Kingdom

About Blackrock Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC

Company Description

Blackrock Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC is a UK-based investment trust that focuses on investing in smaller, growing companies in the UK. The trust is managed by Blackrock Fund Managers Limited, one of the largest asset management companies in the world, with a team of experienced investment professionals who use their expertise to identify promising companies with strong potential for growth.

The investment trust aims to provide long-term capital growth and income to its shareholders through a diversified portfolio of investments in small and medium-sized companies. It invests across a range of sectors, including industrials, consumer goods, and healthcare, and the portfolio is constantly reviewed to ensure that it remains well-diversified.

The trust also benefits from the support of Blackrock's wider investment capabilities, which includes access to a range of research and analysis tools, as well as expertise in areas such as sustainable and impact investing.

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12 Throgmorton Avenue, EC2N 2DL London – United Kingdom

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