About Beton AD

Company Description

DG Beton AD Skopje is a modern construction company that executes civil works in wide range of areas:

- Civil and craft works
- All types of craft works (plumbing, electrical, mechanical)
- Buildings (administrative, apartment buildings)
- Design, construction and sale of apartments
- Civil engineering construction (roads, bridges, tunnels)
- Hydro construction (dams, hydro systems)
- Industrial construction (factories, halls, silos)
- Reconstruction, adaptation and rehabilitation
- Preparation of technical and investment documentation, civil elaborates and projects
- Design and preparation of the technological processes and methodologies of building
- Various engineering, craft and civil services
- Construction machines - services for third party
- Interiors

Year founded


Served area



Str.Mile Pop Jordanov 32a, 1000 Skopje – North Macedonia

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Macedonian Stock Exchange



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