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The Bank of Greece is the central bank of the country.

It is an independent authority exercising a public function: it pursues price stability, i.e. control over inflation (the rate of increase in prices) and the stability and smooth operation of the financial system (banks, insurance companies, etc.).

While remaining institutionally and operationally independent, it is subject to democratic control by Parliament.

The Bank of Greece is an integral part of the Eurosystem and, together with the other national central banks of the euro area and the European Central Bank, participates in the formulation of the single monetary policy for the euro area.​

The Bank of Greece is not a commercial bank. A citizen cannot deposit money with the Bank or take out a loan from the Bank. In a sense, the Bank of Greece is the banker of banks, i.e. it accepts deposits from and lends to commercial banks operating in the country.

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21 El. Venizelo, 10250 Athens – Greece

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June 12, 1930

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Athens Stock Exchange



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