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About Banca Comerciali ,,Moldindconbank" S.A.

Company Description

Moldindconbank began its activity on July 1st 1959, as a branch of the Stroibank from USSR, the main duties of which were financing the construction of industrial objects, of energetic complex enterprises and highway roads.

On October 25th 1991, based on the decision of the Constituent Assembly, the bank was reorganized into the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Construction CB “Moldindconbank” JSC.

The reorganization represented not only a change in structure and organization, but a significant increase of services as well, as a result the bank became a universal financial institution, providing the entire spectrum of banking and financial services to a wider client base.

Today the CB “Moldindconbank” JSC is one of the biggest banks in Moldova with a well-developed infrastructure and with a high reputation on the international financial market.

Year founded


Served area

Republica Moldova


Str. Armeneasă 38, 2012 Chișinău – Moldova

Shareholder information


June 20, 2001

Stock exchange(s)

Moldova Stock Exchange



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