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ISIN: NL0000686509 | Ticker: AST | LEI: 724500R38HLH2G58KQ51

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Astarta is a public company, a vertically integrated holding, which conducts socially responsible business and produces food products oriented to global markets.

The company was founded in March 1993 by Viktor Ivanchyk.

Since 2006, Astarta Holding N.V. shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In October 2022, the company completed the cross-border migration process and continued to list its shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as Astarta Holding PLC (ticker: AST). Astarta Holding PLC is a holding company, which includes vertically integrated agricultural holding Astarta-Kyiv.

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Lampousas Street 1, 1095 Nicosia – Cyprus

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Aug. 1, 2006

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Warsaw Stock Exchange

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