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AS was founded in 1990 in Thessaloniki and is a Greek company whose main activity is the production and marketing of toys ... and the creation of many children's smiles!!! We continue vigorously and set plans for the future, with the commitment to develop absolutely safe, creative and educational children's products, so that they are chosen not only by the child, but also by parents who seek the best for their child. Keeping in mind the developments of the global toy market and the demands of Greek consumers, we have been on a successful journey since 1990 until today, developing innovative and timeless products that meet the needs of all consumers. Our brands are among the best known in Greece and cover the entire spectrum of play categories.

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Odos Ionias Τ.Θ.:176, 57013 Oraiokastron – Greece

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Oct. 13, 2000

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Athens Stock Exchange



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