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ISIN: FR0013398997 | Ticker: ALCUR | LEI: 969500JP6LROUFOMCU46
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Arcure, an industrial pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for enhancing the autonomy of machinery, was founded in 2009 by Franck GAYRAUD and Patrick MANSUY, two engineers from the aerospace and defense industry. They transformed a unique technology into a product - the Blaxtair - adapted to the needs of their first partner clients: INRS, Colas and Vinci.

Blaxtair is the first AI-enabled pedestrian detection system for industrial vehicles. This expertise is crucial for the robotics of the future, constantly striving to be more autonomous and synergistic. Currently, Arcure continues to work with its teams, around sixty experienced people, to develop its product range, remaining true to the original values of the company founders: innovation and meeting customers’ needs.

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Tour Essor 14 Rue Scandicci, 93500 Pantin – France

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