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ISIN: NO0010917719 | Ticker: AFISH | LEI: 549300WIEAOXRI8H0046
Country: Norway

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Arctic Fish is one of the leading salmon farmers in Iceland, with an integrated value chain from hatchery to sea site locations. It has one of the most sustainable hatcheries in the world, and the only smolt facility in Iceland utilizing RAS technology.

Based in Iceland’s remote Westfjords, Arctic Fish recognizes that our greatest assets are our natural resources. This is reflected in our dedication to sustainable aquaculture and ecologically certified products. Taking great pride in our work and environment, we bring the world responsibly farmed fish with the clean taste of Iceland’s pristine waters. Our high quality products are not simply a means of income, but also a symbol of our integrity and the region we represent.

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P.O. Box 2608, 7414 Trondheim – Norway

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