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We specialize in making biosimilars – to improve lives by expanding access to affordable biologic medicines. We are purpose-driven and passionate about what we do.

We have a deep appreciation for the positive impact biologic medicines have had on health care. From insulin to vaccines to monoclonal antibody cancer therapies, biologic medicines are revolutionizing the way we treat diseases and improve patient lives.

It is our aim to broaden the availability of these important biologic medicines to patients around the world by developing and manufacturing high-quality, cost-competitive biosimilars.

Our commitment to the promise of biosimilars is foundational to our approach, our culture and the strong sense of purpose that inspires us to work smarter and faster towards this mission.

We are driven by passion - if there is a proven biologic medicine, we believe it should be accessible to all patients in need.

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9 rue de Bitbourg, 1273 Luxembourg – Luxembourg

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June 23, 2022

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