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Altri is a leading Portuguese eucalyptus pulp producer and one of the most efficient European producers.

Altri main focus is the production of eucalyptus pulp, being one of the lowest cost producers in Europe.

Altri’s three pulp mills – Celbi, Caima and Celtejo – have a technical capacity to produce above 1 million tonnes per year. Breakdown as follow: Celbi - 800,000 tonnes per year; Biotek - above 260,000 tonnes per year; Caima - above 115,000 tonnes per year.

Celbi and Celtejo produce BEKP. Caima is producing DWP.

Altri - through its subsidiary Altri Florestal - manages a forest area of about 83.5 thousand ha in Portugal all certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), the main references in forest certification worldwide. The wood self-sufficiency rate stands around 20%.

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March 1, 2005

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Euronext Lissabon



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