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Almast Open Joint Stock Company has been established in 1964. It has more than 45 years of experience in the sphere of synthesis of diamond powders and manufacturer of tools for cutting and machining of natural stones and other non metal materials. As a result of high-quality production, Almast Open Joint Stock Company has gaind a general recognition of consumers.

Today, due to enterprise privatization, capital investments and cardinally new approach to the problem solving, implementation of new technologies, allows to produce wide range of diamond cutting, grinding and other tools.

Almast OJSC is the only enterprise in Armenia, which is specialized in manufacturing of diamond tools from synthetic and natural diamond powders on Metal and Bakelite bonds.

Year founded


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28 Rubinyants, 0069 Yerevan – Armenia

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Jan. 16, 2002

Stock exchange(s)

Armenia Securities Exchange



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