Teleperformance Unveils Social Impact Report with The Purpose Coalition

Teleperformance • 15 May 2024 - 14:36


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BRISTOL, England, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Teleperformance, a global leader in digital business services, has announced the launch of the 'Teleperformance Social Impact Report', in collaboration with the Purpose Coalition.

The report outlines the company's extensive efforts and groundbreaking initiatives aimed at enhancing social mobility and fostering significant social impact across the UK.

The Social Impact Report shines a spotlight on Teleperformance in the UK's commitment to delivering high-quality services while ensuring a positive and supportive work environment for its employees. It maps its activities against the Purpose Coalition's Goals, showcasing initiatives that span from enhancing employee well-being and career progression to promoting diversity and inclusion. It demonstrates how strategic partnerships, innovative programs, and a commitment to equality can collectively contribute to breaking down barriers to social mobility. 

Gary Slade, CEO of Teleperformance UK, expressed his enthusiasm about the report's release, saying, "The Teleperformance Social Impact Report is a testament to our unwavering dedication to making every interaction matter, not just for our clients and their customers but for society as a whole. Our collaboration with the Purpose Coalition reinforces our commitment to driving positive change and underscores our belief in the power of purpose-driven business."

Rt Hon Justine Greening, Chair of the Purpose Coalition and former Secretary of State for Education, said, "Teleperformance's commitment to social mobility and its proactive approach in addressing entrenched societal challenges sets a benchmark for corporate responsibility. Its work in creating opportunities in social mobility cold spots across the UK shows what is possible with leadership ambition and a deep understanding of the communities it serves. It is a blueprint for how purpose-led organisations can drive significant and lasting impact. It is a call to action for businesses, institutions, and individuals to join in the effort to create a more equitable and sustainable future."

About Teleperformance in the UK

Teleperformance in the UK is part of the Teleperformance Group, which consistently seeks to blend the best of advanced technology with human empathy to deliver enhanced customer care that is simpler, faster, and safer for the world's biggest brands and their customers. Backed by the Teleperformance Group's nearly 500,000 inspired and passionate team members globally who currently speak more than 300 languages, Teleperformance in the UK has global scale and local presence which allows it to be a force of good in supporting communities, clients, and the environment.

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