nShift: Turn a world of boxes into a world of opportunity with Delivery & Experience Management (DMXM)

nShift • 15 May 2024 - 12:54


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  • The hidden opportunities in ecommerce deliveries: done well 2/3 of customers will shop again
  • nShift calls on retailers to place Delivery & Experience Management (DMXM) at the heart of the ecommerce customer experience
  • Combining delivery management and post-purchase experience management will unlock new value
  • New video sets out opportunities for online and multi-channel retailers

LONDON, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Retailers struggle to differentiate, retain customers, and control costs, even as they spend increasing sums on discounts and promotions to entice new customers. A critical element in achieving all of this is how well they can fulfill the delivery expectations of their customers.

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nShift has launched Delivery & Experience Management (DMXM), a new category of software designed to meet these challenges. DMXM turns shipping and deliveries into customer experiences which surprise and delight shoppers, while reducing costs and unlocking efficiencies across warehouses and delivery teams.

Lars Pedersen, nShift CEO said: "Brand loyalty in retail and ecommerce is harder than ever to maintain. Retailers struggle with one-time purchasers, serial purchase-and-return consumers, and rising marketing and logistics costs. More efficient and higher quality deliveries are the solution to these challenges. Too many retailers treat them as a purely logistical issue, and so are missing out on building stronger customer relations.

"A rethink is needed. Retailers need to see deliveries as more than parcels and boxes. Instead, they're about building closer customer connections with outstanding delivery experiences. Customers will shop with retailers which meet their expectations time and again. Businesses can use deliveries to differentiate and grow."

Driving ecommerce success

nShift enables retailers to offer outstanding customer experiences and increase operating efficiency. Its DMXM suite is a unique combination of enterprise-class delivery management, a library of 1000+ carriers, and customer-facing applications. It provides a joined-up, end-to-end experience from the checkout to the doorstep. 

DMXM enables retailers to:

  • Grow beyond limits – with a library of 1000+ carriers, nShift enables retailers to expand internationally and offer more delivery choices to customers at checkout. This increases conversion rates
  • Connect every stage of the customer journey, by offering the right delivery options at checkout (including popular zero-emissions and pick-up, drop-off deliveries), a superior tracking experience, and simple returns which maximize revenue retention
  • Enable data-tight ecommerce, by combining data from carriers, logistics, and other business systems. DMXM brings this information together, helping retailers sharpen customer insights, break down internal silos, and drive operational efficiency
  • Out-perform competitors – whether by engaging with customers in new ways or increasing the throughput of deliveries and fulfilment teams. nShift helps retailers stay one step ahead of the rest by investing five times more in R&D than its closest competitors

"Deliveries hold the keys to growth, but disjointed processes, or 'point solutions' that don't fit together multiply the risks to retailers, especially during busy periods," added Mattias Gredenhag, CTO at nShift.  "Instead, retailers should look to invest in a single platform spanning the entire journey. This creates a better experience for the customer.  At the same time, it helps retailers better understand customers, track carbon emissions, and improve performance."

New video: from a world of boxes to a world of opportunity

nShift explains the transformative potential of DMXM in its latest video.  In the 30-second clip, a man made of boxes walks his box dog through a city made entirely of boxes. He looks glum and depressed. The voiceover reminds the viewer that too often, deliveries can become a world of boxes. However, it goes on to show that by integrating post-purchase solutions into the delivery experience, a world of boxes can become a world of opportunities.

WATCH: "A world of opportunities with Delivery & Experience Management" at https://bit.ly/3ypmeFn 

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nShift's delivery & experience management platform drives ecommerce success. Grow beyond limits with constant innovation and the world's largest carrier network. Build customer loyalty with end-to-end tools that enhance experience. Unify data into usable insight that connects and optimizes processes. With nShift, make delivery the essential link between your brand and your customers.

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