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Aspo Oyj

ISIN: FI0009008072 | Ticker: ASPO | Finland

AS Tallink Grupp FDR

ISIN: FI4000349378 | Ticker: TALLINK | Finland

Atlantska Plovidba d.d.

ISIN: HRATPLRA0008 | Ticker: ATPL | Croatia

Atlas Copco

ISIN: SE0017486889 | Ticker: ATCO | Sweden

Attica Holdings S.A.

ISIN: GRS144003001 | Ticker: ATTIC | Greece

Aumann AG

ISIN: DE000A2DAM03 | Ticker: AAG | Germany


ISIN: IT0005119810 | Ticker: AVIO | Italy

Balco Group

ISIN: SE0010323998 | Ticker: BALCO | Sweden


ISIN: FR0013258399 | Ticker: BALYO | France

Beijer Alma

ISIN: SE0011090547 | Ticker: BEIA | Sweden


ISIN: NO0003094104 | Ticker: BELCO | Norway


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