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Air France-KLM

ISIN: FR0000031122 | Ticker: AF | France

Air Marine

ISIN: FR0013285103 | Ticker: MLAIM | France

AKVA Group

ISIN: NO0003097503 | Ticker: AKVA | Norway


ISIN: IT0005446700 | Ticker: ALA | Italy

Alexanderwerk AG

ISIN: DE0005032007 | Ticker: ALX | Germany

Alfa Laval

ISIN: SE0000695876 | Ticker: ALFA | Sweden

Alfa plam a.d.

ISIN: RSALFAE34014 | Ticker: ALFA | Serbia

Alfen N.V.

ISIN: NL0012817175 | Ticker: ALFEN | Netherlands

Alimak Group

ISIN: SE0007158910 | Ticker: ALIG | Sweden

Alpha Adriatic d.d.

ISIN: HRULPLRA0002 | Ticker: ULPL | Croatia


ISIN: FR0010220475 | Ticker: ALO | France

Altur S.A.

ISIN: ROALTCACNOR1 | Ticker: ALT | Romania


ISIN: NO0010272065 | Ticker: AMSC | Norway

Andritz AG

ISIN: AT0000730007 | Ticker: ANDR | Austria

Anek Lines S.A.

ISIN: GRS316003003 | Ticker: ANEK | Greece

Arcadis NV

ISIN: NL0006237562 | Ticker: ARCAD | Netherlands

Argeo AS

ISIN: NO0010946593 | Ticker: ARGEO | Norway


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